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As far as Intellectual Property is concerned, in India the litigation of IP pertaining to infringement and /or passing off suit of Trademarks, Infringement suit of Patent, Copyright and Design before the Court of first instance. The appeals arising out of the suit proceedings go upto Supreme Court (the court of final appeal).

marcs & Patent has an astute team of lawyers/advocates having in-depth understanding of the industry and trade specific nuances and vast experience of handling complex and interconnected factual situations. The team handles the clients and their cases across different industries and service sectors. The team represents the clients across India before the court of first instance to the court of appeal having offices at criss-cross locations. The firm has advantages of representing the clients locally and managing the litigation matter at local jurisdiction. The litigation team handles all IP litigation matters in respect of Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Designs, Domain Name, IT software media and entertainment. Many of our lawyers have graduated in Science and Technology and thus blending of knowledge of Science and Technology and law helps them to efficiently handle the patent litigation. Approach of our litigation team is to strategically handle the matters in order to achieve the objective of clients in cost effective manner. Our litigation team has encountered and solved many complex patent litigation matters with regard to prior art, landscaping, area of operations, innovation and novelty and in respect of trademark and trade dress litigation.